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Hi. This is Cornelia, because Stefan and Olga talked me into writing this for our CMB Anniversary. Today, May 16 2017, our band is 6 years old! Founded in 2011 in the U.S.A, we played on our instruments composing, practicing and performing at concerts until today, where we are now located in Eastern Europe. We went through a lot of exciting moments, like meeting with Rammstein and playing on a stage. That must have been one of the most amazing moments in my whole life!


The Rammstein members were really nice. After we introduced ourselves and talked and ate together, it was time to go on stage. We played “Ich Will” and “Sonne” in front of 10,000 people! Then, the Rammstein band played too, though I didn’t hear much because I got scared (too loud!). Apart from that, it has been a very cool experience and I will never forget it.

My band and I have been to many faires, like Orange County Faire and Escondido Faire, but my favorite was San Diego Faire. It had a lot more rides and candies, and I gathered a long of memories there. I would go there with my friends and family, and once I got taken by surprise during a concert when I saw my Language Arts teacher in the audience!

I also liked the medieval faires that we went to, mostly when we were younger. We were invited to Big Bear a couple of times, but my favorite medieval faire is Tournament of the Phoenix. My band and I went there to play medieval music, watch joust tournaments and watch horse shows.

When our first album, “Treasure Underground”, was out, we all sighed of relief because we had all worked so hard, mixing and recording. Now, we’re working on a new album, “New Target”. We’re thinking it might be released before the end of the year, and this time, I hope we won’t have to delay.

These were some memories I’ve collected so far. 2 months ago, we moved from America to Europe (for a while) and we are doing less music practice than usual, but that does not mean that CMB is finished! As I was saying, we’re working on an album, and everyday we do karaoke and sometimes we practice our medieval songs. Children Medieval Band is looking forward to lots of new memories!

And here – only for our friends visiting this page – an unlisted demo from next album: “World of War” (dedicated to peace):

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