Albums are Out!

Posted: August 26, 2017 by MedievalUser in Albums, General Info

Aug. 29th, 2017 – Today we deliver TWO albums (both are available at Nimbitmusic, Amazon and iTunes) :

1. “New Target” – 10 interesting original compositions (read details about each song here).

The recording and mixing quality might be a little better than “Treasure Underground (released in 2015). One thing is for sure: the originality of the material is on the same level. Hope this does not mean ‘hard to digest’.
As in the past, we tried – and hopefully succeeded, to avoid cliches.

The “New Target” album is a second attempt to develop a new style: a fusion between heavy-tense and medieval-kind.

It’s the 2nd milestone towards our goal and our expectations are that the 3rd will mark the arrival.

2. “California Medieval Faire”
Ten Medieval and Renaissance pieces, played and recorded while we were in California. Quite unexpectedly, but in this part of USA there are numerous Medieval Faires. Between 2012-2016 we have played each year at four of them: Big Bear City, Ventura, Escondido and Poway.
Nevertheless, the most interesting fact for us was to be invited at Dehesa School in Newport, where we played for about 100 young kids. This kind of “fairy-tale” music is only rarely promoted to children – and this is quite sad – that’s why we were happy to go and interact with the kids. We have to be optimistic. We are trying to make a difference.

Compared to many other medieval music recordings, our album is not the best quality, but it brings a new concept: medieval music shouldn’t be danceable, powerful or melodious by today’s standards. Instead we tried to convey other dimensions of this style: fairy-tale atmosphere, innocence and candor, some piousness and natural freshness. We believe that we have opened a new avenue on the neo-medieval genre.

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