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We’ll try to maintain this site with info and news about the Children Medieval Band, which should be of interest to whom might be concerned.

The beginning
This group has been formed in the spring of 2011 by the kids themselves. Stefan came out with two composition attempts and the girls joined him with enthusiasm. The original line-up was:
Stefan – guitar
Olga – vocal and drum
Cornelia – keyboard

After several days, as it usually happens, things started to cool off, but their dad insisted that they should continue working together as a band, at least 1 hour per day.
The main idea was that they should study together, learning more about music and its history. Dad believed that medieval music is the best genre for kids to learn, so they started with Ecco La Primavera written by Francesco Landini, 14th century in Italy.
After a few days of rehearsals, they video taped it. The recording was not bad, so they posted it to youtube, sometimes in June 2011.
The children got a kick out of this. After watching a lot of music on youtube, and now becoming part of it, this increased their interest in learning new songs. It became a sort of a funny educating game. More songs followed, from medieval period, selected by country, as a unit study which contained music, geography and history.

Having several instruments in the house, the kids tried them all, and as a result they were able to play, more or less, on several instruments each.
Stefan, in particular, has been always curious to experiment new ways of producing sound. We had bought, in time, from ebay or craiglist, several used, inexpensive instruments and Stefan learned to play on all of them, at least on a beginner level. We’ve been impressed when he learned the harmonica and trumpet, alone, just by watching tutorials on youtube. The tenor recorder also is a tough instrument for a young kid, but he resolved somehow to play it well, by stretching the fingers a lot.
This gave us the idea that they should prepare a more complex arrangement, taking advantage of Stefan’s ability to play on several instruments. The goal was to promote the medieval music, and why not, the EarPower music software used by kids to improve rhythm and pitch. And also we thought it’s proper that Stefan should receive some recognition for his efforts.
We chose ‘Mon Amy’, a beautiful song composed by Tielmann Susato in the 16th century, in Germany.

Mon Amy
This became an important project and we spend several weeks (usually only one hour daily) until the arrangement was ready.
We bought a $50 used harp from ebay, borrowed a floor tom and a xylophone from a friend and we started recording. After several days, we finally got a satisfactory sample and put it on youtube. The whole game had a lot to do with this very useful site. A note here about why kids don’t look very happy on most videos: simply they were very concentrated on not making mistakes, just because we didn’t want to post junk on youtube. They were happy afterward by watching themselves playing better and better.

Rock songs
The kids developed an early good taste for the best of the rock era, starting with Beatles and ending with Rammstein. They were eager to learn a few of the songs and see how it goes when played by their own hands.

While continuing learning medieval music, we started doing covers of rock songs; first piece was Beatles – Love Me Do and then two more songs from the 60s. We had a to-do list, supposed to follow the timeline of the rock history, but for several reasons we skipped everything and jumped to the end, so we did three Rammstein songs.
Some people got outraged about this. Why we should choose a band so controversial. They have behaved in concerts and some videos in a pretty bad way. Young kids shouldn’t be exposed to this. In a way it’s true. But we only chose the music, because they really liked it. Another reason: same age playmates were making fun of Stefan after learning that he likes and plays such soft music like Beatles. Unfortunately this new generation is mostly into gangsta-rap, some commercial heavy metal and what Cornelia calls ‘shake-butt’ music. We had to counteract so we started working on Rammstein music, the best teachers to learn from, with powerful and melodious compositions.


After Ich Will and Sonne, all of a sudden people came to notice this young band.
Things went on developing fast and on the evening of May 19th 2012, we received a surprising email from Rammstein’s tour manager. They would have liked the kids to go on stage and perform a few songs the very following day at Denver Coliseum.
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  1. Nuvya says:

    I admire their talent I’m very jealous (in a good way) that they got to meet Rammstein and I believe theat they will go very far ..the sky is no longer the limit . All my best wishes to the children and their parents – from a fan

  2. Paula says:

    This is very inspiring! Thank You for spreading the word about a healthy childhood and family life. I would like everyone to see the comparison between your interesting children and the poor children who are raised by the state. There is no contest.
    I am learning the irish tinwhistle but I also love medieval music and I would love to learn a few tunes. Could you let me know where you find your sheet music? And what recordings you listen to?
    May God bless your family ❤ Paula

  3. Chris says:

    I saw you perform at the Rammstein show on May 20, 2012 at the Denver Coliseum. You guys rocked!

  4. Thomas says:

    You guys are sooo talented and rock so hard!!! I found y’all on Youtube over a year ago while looking for some good Rammstein cover songs, and I was not disappointed! Keep up the good work with making awesome music!!!

  5. Gerardo says:

    Hi guys, i just saw your videos some days ago, im really like your music! Even medieval which i never heard before!, its great to know somebody like you, im really like how you enjoy the music, congratulations for your 3rd anniversary from your fan number one in mexico! (Sorry my english is really bad)

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