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Posted: June 18, 2012 by medievaluser in General Info

Regarding the viral post on youtube, Sonne cover, but not only

For the honestly concerned:

1. No, the kids are not being pushed or forced to play. While we consider that music should be part of their education, the priority is that they should enjoy their childhood. That is why they practice only 1 hr daily. They are also home-schooled and have a lot of time to study what, when and how they want it. And also freedom to play. The results have been way beyond expectations.

2. Why is it called a medieval band?
One reason is that the kids play medieval songs (see more on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cartemarte1), that’s how they became more interested in learning music. We believe the medieval music is the most appropriate for kids, because it relates very well to fairy tales. In the same time they also learn rock, and later hopefully they’ll fusion both styles in their own compositions.

3. Why they don’t look very happy and smiling? One explanation is that they are tense trying the recording to come out good. Also this type of music is not entertainment. They don’t like ‘shake-butt’ music. They listen to music a lot and they choose. Stefan made a list of more than 100 favorite songs, starting with Little Richard in the 50’s and ending with Rammstein (http://intelligentmusicalchildren.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/stefans-favorite-songs-list/).

4. Stefan performs with some anger and this looks good. Why a 10 year old kid should be angry? One reason might be the fact that today children cannot go out and play freely. This is not a safe world for kids. A lot have been kidnapped and killed…. And there might be other motives for a child to be angry, not because of his life at home – as many would jump to suspect – but because of how the world is and has been perceived already by an intelligent kid.

5. Is Rammstein a good choice for children? Some of their videos we don’t like, some of the lyrics also, but overall their music, with that unique combination of immense power, tension, glorious themes and subtle infusion of good taste romanticism, sets them among the best musicians of the rock era.
For someone who wants to learn new music, theirs is  one of the best to learn from.

6. Technical details (Sonne): we had to transpose this song from D to G, because of the voice range; so instead of the original guitar tuning — DADGBE, Stefan is using DGDGBE. The chords’ positions are different, also the sound — the power chords are not fifths, but fourths, which sound a bit dissonant on the bass — but the overall effect is still good.

7. We are Romanians – of good faith! Living in US.

And last – no, Cornelia is not using barbie dolls; it’s a short drum stick wrapped with fabric to simulate the big drum, and a small maraca which simulates a snare drum.

For the hateful commentators: don’t bother to write your opinion, it will be erased, unless there is something really intelligent. Most adverse stuff has been answered already here – Criticism of Criticism…
If you don’t care about our work, then we don’t care about your opinion.
…and a little math: there are maybe 1,000,000,000 videos on youtube. Anyone would dislike at least 1%, which is 10 million. Obviously the most stupid behavior is for someone to waste life watching millions of dislikeable stuff and leaving hateful messages.

It is necessary to add that this kids band may seem a joke to some, but in fact – even if it started more like a game, then it continued as an educational project – the results are beyond expectations. At this point the kids are taking it very seriously. There are several unique features about this little band:

The enumeration above may look as a lack of modesty, but these are facts – not opinions, and omitting them would be unfair for the kids, after all their efforts.
However we are realistic and don’t really believe this band has a future. The kids may continue to play together, but we know that the mainstream establishment will never support this. There are many good musicians and bands, but the public never heard of them…


Watch the historical performance in Denver, Colorado on opening for Rammstein (May 20, 2012): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8HfTMwQo_w

Our best cover so far: “There’s a Place” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YcGWd-EL9Q

And the kids performance (Aug 11 & 18, 2012) at the Renaissance Faire in Big Bear City, California: https://childrenmedievalband.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/news/

And the performance at the Italian Renaissance Faire in Ventura, California (Feb. 9-10, 2013): https://childrenmedievalband.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/renaissance-faire-ventura/

Latest news about CMB: https://childrenmedievalband.wordpress.com/news/

Follow CMB on Twitter: https://twitter.com/childrenmediev
CMB link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Children-Medieval-Band/211817842219823

Stefan: “We’ll never make it to Hollywood. It’s too far…”
Cornelia: “That’s not fair, we’ve been working so hard…”
Olga: “I don’t care, Hollywood is boring.”

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