End of Road – Official Video

Posted: March 2, 2016 by MedievalUser in Albums, Videos

We’ve always admired the Rammstein videos. Especially Ohne Dich, Keine Lust, Benzin, Ich Will – just to name a few. So now, that we have our own album, decided to make a video of one of our songs.

After spending more than a month filming and editing, we almost gave up. There were too many little things which we didn’t like and couldn’t fix. However, in spite of the flaws and imperfections, we have voted to post it.

And now to explain what it’s all about. Because one deficiency of this little movie is the lack of clarity. The story line might not be too obvious.

The story:
So it’s about three kids running from an evil monster. On arriving at the ocean, the children expect that a miracle should happen – as with the Red Sea and Moses. But the waters don’t split apart… They are confused and clueless of what to do.
Stefan writes down in a hurry the chronicle of these events. The girls are frightened, but still they find the mood to dance a little :-).
Anyway, a childish trap set by Stefan, seems to work and (probably) stops the monster. But the kids are not aware of this situation. They are ready for anything and still hoping that they will be saved.


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