New Target – Song stories

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The following material contains details about each of our 2nd album’s songs. “New target” is available at Nimbit, Amazon and iTunes.

– inspired by Stranglers –
Same way as we did after releasing our first album, and also inspired by the Stranglers’ site, we’ll detail here about each of the 2nd album’s songs.

– Rock & Medieval fusion –
More than the previous album, “New Target” advances an extra step forward into fusioning Rock and Medieval, to create a pure Euro style. We don’t expect much understanding in US, maybe only from the R+ fans. But we want to make some impact on Europeans. Maybe they will notice that a young American band is working on reviving their heritage and bring it to this new millennium mood and style… hard to accomplish, of course, but we are hopeful.

– recorded in a rush –
The recording of the songs was done in a rush. An abrupt change forced us to quickly move away from California, so we did the recording in a couple of days, before packing. Most of the songs were recorded in one shot; sort of a live performance with no audience. The pressure and lack of time was so tough, that the vocal main part for the last song “Rain of 1984” was improvised on the spot. Stefan just made up the lyrics during the actual recording (!!!) and we didn’t change or add anything. Even the mistake (1994 instead of 1984) was left untouched.

1. TV-or-not-TV
Musical idea: The whole song started from a powerful riff made up by Stefan, during an improvisation session with the band. The keyboard solo part was also improvised on the spot during the same jam session. It’s important for us that it has a medieval flavor. Later Stefan wrote the vocal part for the main strophe and the lyrics. The chorus part (‘Why ye didn’t learn from me…’) was written by Olga and Cornelia. Everybody came up with more ideas for detailing the final arrangement, in a joyous and creative mood.
Message: We don’t watch TV. But on several occasions, while being lodged in some hotels, we had the opportunity to go through tens of channels. Some of them had interesting content, but most were crappy or boring. After that we felt tired and quite disoriented. The conclusion: TV is not safe to watch. On top of that, it’s quite obvious that the TV stations promote some hidden agenda. We definitely prefer the freedom of the Web. Watch recording…

2. Medieval Light
Musical idea: Guitar riff made by Stefan. The structure and arrangement is somewhat imitating the “Rammstein” song. Then the core part is the simple but strong medieval line played on the keyboard.
Message: We got tired of the “Dark Ages” nickname assigned to a beautiful era. It wasn’t dark at all. If you visit Europe, only the medieval has touristic value. Castles, old towns, cathedrals, small churches, paintings. Same in US, if you go to a Renaissance Faire, just seeing ladies and gents dressed with the old costumes, is enough to make you feel the good magic of the medieval style. Watch recording…

3. Prayer for Captives
Musical idea: This song started from a melodic line written by Stefan (“Long time has passed….”). Then, during a rehearsal, everyone came up with different ideas and lyrics. There was some hesitancy about the intro part, thought to have sounded more pop rather than baroque.
During the main strophes, the drum beat was turned upside-down; with the snare on the 1st beat.
Message: We hate slavery and think that captivity is the worst human condition. We inherit the individual freedom mentality from Dacians, who lived on the Romanian territory 2,000 years ago. They did not own slaves, they were free people, didn’t bother anybody, but were tough and aggressive toward invaders. Watch recording…

4. Sticky Shoe Dance
Musical idea: The main guitar riff was written under some influence from Creedence Clearwater Revival. We tried writing the vocal and the rest in a playful style, combined with the quick heavy riff in the middle.
Message: The lyrics were made up as a joke about someone wearing disco shoes, but the beautiful ending got more serious and sincere, about a new style not being understood by majorities. Watch recording…

5. Talk about Fear
Musical idea: An interesting intro made up by Stefan – a rough medieval theme against a rocky riff. Developed further by the whole band. Lyrics were mostly improvised by Stefan. The middle part strings sound a bit Rammsteinesque as in Mein Land, but we added little voices of the most defenseless creatures, which we love: baby chicks and lambs, to soften the song in a beautiful way.
Message: The world is not a safe place – “that’s a fact”. The only fear remedy we thought of, is to become, sometimes, a bully against evil dudes. Watch recording…

6. New Target
Musical idea: It started from a theme made on acoustic guitar and continued in a Trapeze style. Then we added a strophe and a conclusion supported by cricket sounds 🙂
Message: We have goals and resolutions; trying to improve our music, and generally to do something good. But sometimes we feel that others may target us and plan to hurt us. Watch recording…

7. Hope and Liars
Musical idea: A combination of twangy guitar riff and a faster paced furious wall of sound. This was the most difficult to mix. At the end, the transposed riff was supposed to sound heavier than it is. It still is an interesting experimental piece.
Message: Hypocrisy, lies and ‘goals excuse the means’ can only make any honest person – mad. Watch recording…

8. World of War
Musical idea: In the beginning (and the end) we tried to make it as a sonic medieval tapestry. Not much success though, it came out more like a Gentle Giant part, but we liked it anyway. Then, with each strophe, we tried to show off Stefan’s fresh baritone, after a period of voice changes.
Message: We don’t like wars, except fighting for freedom. We suspect that most wars are prearranged by some elite groups. All the victims’ blood is on their hands, but they don’t seem to care, which is an abomination. Watch recording…

9. Light Sabath
Musical idea: This song started from a guitar riff, somewhat in the B. Sabath vein. Olga’s medieval part added a special beautiful flavor, because of the medieval addition, we changed the title to Light Sabbath, but then we felt the need for a bit of hardcore. Which we ended in a circular way, with the starting part.
Message: Although we like the early heavy stuff – there was a lot of great music at the end of 60s; but we don’t ‘dig’ much of the hippie attitude. So in this song we’ve added some hardcore and medieval, for a change. Watch recording…

10. Rain of 1984
Musical idea: Started with a drum pattern created by Cornelia, while trying to break away from drumming cliches. The lyrics were never completed and Stefan improvised on the spot during the recording session. The chorus melody (“And the rain will never fall on him again”) we think it’s the album’s best melodic line.
Message: Regarding the controversial gun control. A man broke the 1984 law by caring a concealed weapon in New York City. That saved his life and consequently 3 talented musicians came later into this world. Watch recording…

Technical info
Recorded live through a module Tascam US 4×4, On 4 channels only: 1.guitar, 2.keyboards, 3.drums, 4.voices. Some vocal parts were overdubbed afterwards. Because of such limitations, the mixing was done with a lot of effort.


“New Target” is a good album. It brings fresh ideas, both musically and conceptually. We hope it will be noticed and appreciated as such.
Available at Nimbit, Amazon and iTunes.





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