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Abyss – new album

Posted: May 4, 2019 by MedievalUser in Albums, General Info


“(Don’t Look Into The) Abyss” has been released as of today May 4th, 2019. Available at Amazon and Nimbit Music. A trailer can be watched here…

It is a “medieval rock” EP with only four songs. Regardless, we put a lot of effort into it. It started with the basic parts written by Stefan sometime in 2017, and then we spent almost one year with the arrangements, lyrics, getting all the instrumentals in place, vocals, etc.

This album will never win a Grammy award, but still it has got a lot of interesting stuff, besides common sense.

About the recording and mixing stage… Now we did learn, too late, that the recording is the most important moment in the production timeline, and we didn’t do it right. The poor equipment we had at hand can be claimed as the main cause. As a result, the mixing took very long and after that the mastering engineer had to try his best to fix the sound. Next time we’ll do the recording in a professional studio.

Quite bad mix compared to any pop song – but more substance than 1000 pops.
Or, as Stefan puts it: “Our sound isn’t up to par – but our substance blows all pop songs away”.

Here is how we rate this album, on a scale of 1-10:

  • Recording – 3 (due to low budget equipment)
  • Mixing – 5 (inexperience)
  • Mastering – 9 (done by Marian Dima at Dimas Production)
  • Performance instruments – 9
  • Performance vocals – 7
  • Lyrics – 9
  • Originality & non-conventional – 10
  • Avoidance of FE (frivolous-evil) – 10

Nice melodies + good lyrics + interesting arrangements + intelligent content = a good product overall.

Before returning to US, we quickly filmed all the four songs, in a Romanian rural landscape:

  • Abyss
  • When I Fall
  • My Parallel Universe
  • Sad & Bad (in spite of)

    And at the end of this presentation, a few words from the CMB keyboard player, Olga:

    Even though our youtube says we’ve got more than 11,000 followers, I’m pretty sure only 1,100 of you remain. Nevertheless, we haven’t given up and keep on coming out with new creations and covers. For instance, we’ve recently come out with an EP consisting of four interesting songs. The lyrics hold a deep meaning and the songs are played with soul, albeit our mixing and producing (as usual) aren’t top notch. What can you do when you’re poor?
    On the side, we also strived to learn another Rammstein song and in the end chose Keine Lust. It has a killer riff combined with harmonious strings when the time is right, however it seems that dirty words clustered are considered the lyrics; unfitting for such a legendary song. So we decided to change it up a bit, instead replacing them with words that retain much more impactful meaning.
    If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not ours. Go listen to the original then.
    Anyway, we again thank our subscribers for devotedly following and supporting us through our journey and hope you enjoy the songs we worked so hard on.

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