We have posted on youtube, since 2011, more than 50 videos – homemade or from concerts – on two accounts: (mostly homemade videos) (mostly concerts).
Here we try to organize them by value and type, also in chronological order.

The quality of most videos is not very good – we don’t have the equipment, the experience and neither much time.
We’ve been having lots of issues with the recording on all of our songs, and we could never get a decent sound. But keep trying anyway. For whomever is interested and also just to make an excuse for the quality of our recordings, here is the equipment we use:
– guitar – lowest budget Fender (squire bullet)
– keyboard – Yamaha 10 yrs old model
– drums – low budget ($100)
– microphone Behringer low budget ($40)
– mixer Behringer Xenyx low budget ($40)
– old computer (Windows XP) + free audio software (Audacity).
– old Fuji photo camera and free video editor (VirtualDub)
Besides the low level equipment, we don’t have much time and very little recording experience. But we are on the right path, so we’ll continue anyway we can.
some wordpress advertisement may follow…

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