The Farmington Gig

Posted: July 30, 2019 by MedievalUser in General Info, Rock Concerts

We strictly believe in a sort of ‘karma’. Once again we worked hard and received no compensation. No problem, the reward will happen sometime in the future.
Similarly those who do bad things will get their punishment somehow. And if they don’t – that is a logical proof that hell exists and is not funny. Because this world is engineered perfectly in a very complex way, and it would be too gross to leave these two very important aspects of reality – good and bad – in an unbalanced mismanagement.


So we rehearsed really hard to refresh our old repertoire and also we added 5 new covers. All in about one week.
Here is a vid made during the rehearsals:

Then we drove one hour to the town of Farmington and, instead of the expected crowd of 500 people, only less than a hundred showed up. As a result we played less and got paid zero.

We don’t care much about money, but we got sad that our camera didn’t work and the recording with a cheap camera came out lousy. So all that rehearsal effort and the good performance, all got lost like it never happened…
NO! something good will come out of this, somehow.

On the way back, after such a fail, we had to remind ourselves the stories about Beatles in the beginning, sleeping in the worst conditions in Hamburg, or Police playing in small clubs to a bunch of insensitive dudes.
We know we are on the right path, things will get better, sooner or later.

One interesting detail: we played here under a different name (Crossland Medieval Band). Not sure yet, but we may keep this name – crossing lands was our occupation for the past ten years. We have moved a lot: New York, Nevada, Colorado, California, Romania and now Maine.

Here we put together several fragments from this event:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. peralez2383 says:

    Nothing worse than working for free

  2. geileleiche says:

    You played well ?
    You were pleased by your performance ?
    Then there is no failure. Different is never easy. Artistic success & popular success are two very different & very frequently mutually exclusive things. Keep on Rockin’ Y’all !

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