Medieval Music For Children CD

Posted: November 10, 2012 by medievaluser in Albums


We made a CD containing 7 medieval songs recorded by Children Medieval Band since 2011. The quality is not the best, but some parents may still find it useful as an educational tool. Some adults may like it also. Its value consists in the genuine performance of early music by kids.

The cost is $5 (shipping included – USA only).
Payment via PAYPAL only.

Click here to order…

CD content:
1. Tourdion – Pierre Attaingnant (1550) – 2’07”
2. MohrenTanz – Tielman Susato (1560) – 2’00”
3. Ecco La Primavera – Francesco Landini (1280) – 1’40”
4. Scarborough Fair – Anonymous (1600) – 1’09”
5. Pavane 13 – Pierre Attaingnant (1550) – 1’08”
6. English Nota – Anonymous (1200) – 1’35”
7. Mon Amy – Tielman Susato (1560) – 3’10”

  1. emilie says:

    Is it possible to buy just one or 2 tracks and just by internet? No need for CD

    • alpsteacher says:

      Sorry for the late answer, didn’t check the comments for a while.
      For the time being we don’t have the tracks online (only on youtube, as videos). We plan to release a better recorded version in a few months and we’ll post the tracks individually. I’ll let you know when available.

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