Medieval Faire – Ventura

Posted: November 6, 2012 by medievaluser in Medieval Faires

Children Medieval Band appeared on the stage at the Italian Renaissance Faire in Ventura, California ( on Sat. Feb. 9 (12:15 PM & 3:15 PM) and Sun. Feb. 10 (1:00 PM).

They played their medieval repertoire. The audience was very pleased by the kids’ performance. Here is their newest piece in first audition, ‘Call Of The Vikings’ cover (by Jeff van Dyck):

Same song on the following day – a perfect combination of the good minstrels spirit with tense rock attitude:

and Volta (it was a chilly afternoon…):


We would like to address a big THANK YOU! to the gentleman who donated $100 as a reward for the kids performance.

    And three pictures from this event:

Cornelia dancing tourdion

Olga playing the violin


Leaning on a gorgeous old tree.


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