Posted: April 8, 2018 by MedievalUser in General Info

Hello and Happy Easter to all. This time, I, Olga, will be writing an article.

Noticeably, our last few songs have been played on acoustics. The reason for this as, hopefully, many of you know, is because we have recently moved to Eastern-Europe, while our old instruments stayed stowed away in America.

Thus, we must continue playing on the ones we have at hand — my violin, Stefan’s guitar, and Cornelia and her childish xylophone and bongos. 🙂

However, as of late, we’ve been slowly but surely regaining new electrical instruments, and it won’t be long before we resume to our usual playing style and song choices. For now, though, the songs we will be playing are:

1. Mr. Postman – the Beatles version
This song has been one of our favorites for quite a few years; we always sang it around the house, whether it be as a hum while going about, or as use of karaoke practice. Ultimately, we decided it was about time we covered it.
I enjoyed singing in harmony with Cornelia, especially at the end, as well as my instrumental part as Stefan sings.

2. Badge by Cream
Cream is one of our favorite bands and this was on the list of our favorite songs. Still, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about playing it on the violin, thinking it wouldn’t fit with the song, but in the end it was fun.
Note: And actually it came out pretty good. And, very important, we did get a big like from … Ginger Baker himself!! (on fb)

3. Spieluhr – Rammstein
I was excited when I heard we were going to be covering Rammstein again. I liked learning my part. I again wasn’t too sure if it would sound so good on all acoustics, though. But it did.

4. Toiler on the Sea – Stranglers
I think I can speak on behalf of all the CMB members when I say this was probably our favorite to rehearse. Everybody could feel the tension in the air when playing. Also, I loved my violin part, where I constantly play throughout the whole song. Hopefully our friends will like it.

And that’s all I’ve got to say, thanks for taking the time to read my article. Good-bye!

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