2015 for us

Posted: December 31, 2015 by MedievalUser in General Info

Our First Album is OUT!
Treasure Underground – Song by Song All Our Videos and Art Fischmann…

Another year has passed. Some major changes for me (Stefan): getting taller, acquiring a lower voice (next April I’ll be 14). As for CMB, the most important fact is the release of our first album with 10 compositions. It’s not a bad album, we’ve paid a lot of attention to originality (we don’t like predictable stuff), but still it has been ignored completely. No reviews anywhere.
Anyway, many thanks to those who bought the album (some even adding a generous tip). We could get a nice provision of rewarding ice-cream 🙂

We’ve also played three nice live shows (rock songs) and several shows during a two days medieval fair, just to keep us in touch with the audience and get more stage experience.



  • Feb. 2 – Release of the “Treasure Underground” video, featuring the main song of our upcoming album.
  • April 30th – Our first album – Treasure Underground – is released! More…
  • June 27th – a very good show at San Diego Fair. Here is the playlist…
  • August 30th – a two weeks vacation trip to Maine and New York.
  • Sept. 19th – our third double show. Each year, CMB performed two shows in two different locations, always on the same day – the 3rd Saturday of September. More info…
  • Oct. 17-18th – several performances during a two days medieval jousting tournament in Poway, California. Besides medieval songs CMB played an acoustic version of the song Rosenrot. More…
  • Dec. 18th – A well done cover of the Stranglers piece: Threatened

That’s about it.
This year has been full of activity, we hope 2016 will be just as great!
To all our friends: Happy New Year!

And a small gift: a short funny movie made by CMB 🙂

…some wordpress ad may follow

  1. Castro Dario says:

    Just caught one of your Ramstein cover videos on Facebook and fell in love with all three of you. Such wonderful talent and very enjoyable to watch. I hope to see you all live on stage personally. I know you guys have opened for Ramstein and have some live stage experience, thats just incredibly epic. I became an instant fan. I look forward to more originals and covers and watching you all develop into amazing musicians into adulthood. Good luck with everything and thanks for the art.
    Your newest Fan Dario J. Castro

  2. MedievalUser says:

    Thank you, Dario, much appreciated.

  3. zeezechenai says:

    Love your work keep it up x

  4. this is now my favourite band!!! I love you guys

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