7 Years

Posted: May 26, 2018 by MedievalUser in General Info


“7 Trees” by Cornelia

An important number, mystical you could say. But on May 16th we didn’t really feel the need to celebrate. We went through quite a lot during the past seven years (our activity has been carefully recorded in the ‘About’ page of this site) but our main goals haven’t been achieved.

Since the beginning, seven years ago, our agenda never changed:

  • to have a good influence on other kids so they choose good music as opposed to most of the mainstream – a big zero
  • to promote the “good rock” – sincere, rebel, strong and heart-felt – as opposed to “evil-rock” and “frivolous-rock” – one, maybe
  • to promote the medieval music as an alternative in music education – one (?)

On a scale of 0-10 we estimate getting only 1 (-;
It almost looks that there are huge evil forces out there and we have no chance to push our agenda, in spite of all the efforts and sporadic successes.

But it’s fine, because we will keep working.

And we are confident of our band’s strength. A proof: in the past 4 months we learned and played 8 new covers! First we released 4 acoustic versions (Cream, Stranglers, Beatles, Rammstein) and also prepared and played for a party gig with 4 more new covers (Beatles, DC5, Bowie, and Mamas & Papas), and one week later, in only a few hours, two more covers (James Brown, Stevie Wonder) for a triple performance at IKEA – especially taking into consideration that we had to remember the old repertoire, and learn the new songs in a month, this is quite an accomplishment and we’re proud of it! And all this besides doing school and other activities…

So here is our two latest appearances in public. A short gig of 10 songs played for a private party at the ‘Hidden Club’ in Bucharest.

And one of the triple performances on June 2nd, at IKEA, along with the theater team Teatropolis Junior

Thanks for watching!

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