Concert at the Escondido Faire

Posted: October 21, 2013 by MedievalUser in Rock Concerts

Oct. 20, 2013

With a very short notice – an invitation received only 24 hours before – the kids took chances and after a quick rehearsal went to Escondido City, about 40 miles north of San Diego.

Children Medieval Band played for one hour, presenting their ‘History of Rock’ songs selection.

Some live recordings:

Walk-Don’t-Run (Ventures)

The Old Man (by Rammstein)


Sonne (by Rammstein)

At the end, the kids were happy because, for the first time, the audience requested an encore. We didn’t expect such a nice response and were not prepared with an extra song, so the kids just re-played our remake of Rammstein’s Morgenstern – “Morning-Light”.

Our drummer Cornelia wasn’t feeling well. After a night with fever, we were afraid that she won’t be able to play. But she did, and she did it really well.

After the show, several people congratulated the kids, among them a gentleman from the Giant Peach Band who told us the story about himself as a child attending one of the very first live appearances of Jimi Hendrix in a small club. Also another gentleman being very impressed that young kids like and play Beatles songs; then a German lady, so glad to hear R+ songs played live in California, etc.

We shared the stage with “Saxation” – a band which played before us: four young ladies, playing saxophones, very professional and talented.
After us, a group of experienced classic rock musicians: “Giant Peach Band“.

And not to forget the great audience, friendly and receptive – thanks everybody!

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  2. Robson says:

    Adoro a banda de vocês, venha um dia para o BRASIL!

  3. Hello, I live in Brazil. Two days ago I met the Children Medieval Band, and fell in love. Come to Brazil! Love the band too. Congratulations to these talented kids and very successful for them! A big hug!

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