Across the Street

Posted: September 20, 2014 by MedievalUser in Rock Concerts

September 13, 2014 was supposed to be a very important day for CMB.
We had been given the opportunity to play our first album – “Treasure Underground” – entirely (all 10 songs) on that day, at the “Across the Street” club, in San Diego, California. There were several other bands booked for that show, and we did the opening part.
In spite of all the advertising efforts, only a few of our friends showed up. Thanks to Georges and Andrew and their kids, who filled up a few seats, the show room wasn’t completely empty. Stefan was quite disappointed, and that is visible on the videos we made that evening. After eight months of painfully crafted compositions and all the rehearsals, the emptiness of the concert room was disheartening. However, Cornelia was in good mood and had a great performance. Olga kept her cool and didn’t seem to care much.

So we went on and played the set, and later on several other people came in and offered more support at the end of each song. In particular, we’d like to thank the ‘Jagged Lines’ guys who cheered the loudest. We had watched one of their songs (“Kicking-the-Habit”) and gave it a big like also.

Our album will contain the following songs:
1.Treasure Underground
2.To Those Who Called 911 on Us
3.Crashed Van
6.Wolves (dogs)
7.Ice Scream
8.Life Guard
9.End of Road
10.CMB March

And we played all these songs at “Across the Street”, but we won’t post the whole set here, only four videos. The album is not released yet, still in the mixing room. When it will be out, then we may try a couple of more professional videos, like everybody else.



Ice Scream

Life Guard

It could have been a nicer evening for this debut album, but we stay positive and look at it from a different perspective: at least we had a place to do this show and also a friendly audience. Could have been much worse.
We know that there is an inflation of music and it seems harder and harder for an ‘indie’ band to impress on anybody today. But it’s quite irritating that meanwhile all kind of polished musical junk sells well to the crowds. But we won’t let this abnormality sadden us. We’ll continue doing our part time work on this field and if we’ll succeed, that will be great, because we promote good stuff, but if we won’t… it’s ok, we had to do it anyway, at least for our own enjoyment.



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