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Posted: November 17, 2016 by MedievalUser in Medieval Faires

One of our goals is to promote medieval music as an alternative in children’s education. However we never had any opportunity, yet, to do this properly. We played at several Renaissance Faires, with little to none reaction from the press, even though people showed a real interest and we were asked to play again and again.

What can be nicer than a group of siblings 6-10 years old, playing at a medieval faire? Still, nothing happened.

Anyways, we are approaching a new stage, we’ve grown up, the cute little kids band is a thing of the past, and we’ve learned the hard way that mass media is not our friend, because they have a different idea about promoting young talents.

And we will continue our work. Recently we’ve been invited by a large homeschooling association to play for them. The “Dehesa Classical Education Charter School” in Newport Beach, California, had a Middle Ages study project and thought that it would be nice if our band played live in front of the young students. Great idea!


On Nov. 15th, 2016 we played our medieval repertoire in front of about 100 children and their parents. That was a lovely audience, the kids liked us and had the patience to watch us playing 10 medieval pieces. During the ‘entrada’ song they were even clapping along the beat! Thank you kids!

Here is the full video of this event:

And one more detail: on this show we had our younger brother Nectarios on stage for the first time. He is 6 yo and played only triangle and tambourine for now. In the future we hope he will become our bass player.

About the Dehesa Classical Education School:


…some worpress add may follow…

  1. Moose says:

    Hi. I have been watching your videos for a few years now and I think your guys are extremely talented. But you aren’t promoting yourselves correctly. It isn’t the media that is not working for you. You need to “brand” yourselves and stick to that brand.

    Right now, I see you guys doing very different things at the same concert. Americans tend to enjoy concerts that stick to one idea. There are many Early Musicians who enjoy metal music, but they do not perform metal at their Early Music concerts.

    Early Music (Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque) is not tremendously popular in this country. It is a niche market. That market (audience) is mostly (not all) well educated people over 40 years old. If you want to perform Medieval music, and be taken seriously, you MUST only perform Medieval music using the name of your band.

    I see 2 problems:

    1. You are not a part of the Early Music community. This would help. While there are a handful of Early Musicians that double up by working at the Ren Faires, those taken seriously have nothing whatsoever to do with Ren Faires. That audience is very different than an Early Music audience.

    2. Part of the issue is the name of your group. While it is accurate, it does not suggest a level of “seriousness” associated with professional Early Musicians. It was cute when you guys were very young, but as professional musicians, it doesn’t work.

    3. You need to be taking lessons from someone established in the Early Music community.

    If you want to perform metal, one idea, would be to become like a couple of other bands I’ve heard from Scandinavia and Ireland. They write their own metal that is in a Medieval style. Again, a very niche market.

    You need to connect in real life with other musicians that share your interests.

    1. Create your own singular sound that is a Medieval sounding metal
    2. Do covers of metal by becoming a cover band
    3. Go into Early Music

    If you want to perform both Medieval music AND metal, you need to have a separate group for each and have a different name for each group, even if it is the same people in both groups. You will get very different gigs for each group. Audiences, especially here in the US, want to hear one kind of music at a time: rock, country, electronica, metal, classical, Early Music, pop, etc.

    Don’t get discouraged! You have talent and you work hard. Right now you just need a little guidance regarding focus, branding, and promotion.

    • MedievalUser says:

      Hi Moose, thank you for taking the time to write this thoughtfull comment!

      We agree with most of your ideas, but we also still dislike the mass media for purposefully ignoring us,
      for example, our meeting with Rammstein was an amazing and historic experience, few kids have ever done a
      collaboration with a band as big as Rammstein, yet still no reaction from the massmedia..

      We would ideally like to combine Medieval and Industrial Metal music into a new style, we know that we might not be very succesful, but we still think that it has to be done.

      We are still learning and we appreciate your advice.
      Thank you,
      Stefan & CMB

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