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Posted: February 23, 2017 by MedievalUser in Albums, General Info


There are many things going on right now. We are changing biologically, and we are struggling with our band name; if and how, to change it. But the biggest issue is that our San Diego residence is coming to an end. In a couple of weeks, we will be moving far away..

We just finished recording our 10 new songs, in a hurry. The new album will be called “New Target”. This is going to be a major breakthrough – at least that’s what we hope. We know that the songs are very original, we’re developing a new style. Hopefully the huge crappy mainstream monolith will crumble a bit after the release of our swift and smart new compositions. Boy! We’ve got to brush up on our modesty…

Okay, the songs are good, but the recording was rushed and details were missed. And it’s expected that the mixing and mastering is going to be a pain. So we don’t know for sure what the final product will sound like. The plan is to have the album released sometime before Fall.

Anyways, we just made a demo video with one of the songs – “TV or not TV”. And please don’t mention anymore how much we grew up, instead we would prefer an objective opinion about the music and the style.

Update: on our fb page, lots of visitors claimed that we are copying the ‘death grips’ band. Never heard of them before. And hip-hop is not our bag.

Thanks for watching!


some wordpress add may follow….


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