The 5th

Posted: May 16, 2016 by MedievalUser in General Info


Olga’s painting – Road

The time really goes by. On May 16th we had an upbeat celebration for our band 5th year of existence.
We have a busy summer ahead of us, with a couple of shows, and we’ve also prepared a few new covers – on our sane principle of selecting only non-frivolous and non-evil rock songs.
Also we have started a while ago working on a new album, but it will take some time because of our endless commitments, schoolwork and life itself.

Meanwhile we have tried to improve a bit our sound.
– electronic drums – why this choice? first it solves the loudness problem. No need to practice with ear muffs anymore. And, thanks to the advanced tech, we can get real acoustic drum sound, on a lower, healthier volume.
– ESP guitar – a cheaper version of the ESP brand (used by R. Kruspe), sounds a bit better than what we got before.

And while we keep working on this, hopefully our next album will be a professional one.

And for our visiting friends, a snippet from our latest rehearsal for the next show at Daly Academy, Bonita, California (limited audio):

… wordpress add may follow …

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