Hidden Show in Escondido

Posted: October 21, 2014 by medievaluser in Rock Concerts

Our First Album is OUT!
Treasure Underground – Song by Song All Our Videos…


Our last show for this year (2014).

It’s been a busy summer – we’ve played all the faires around southern California: Costa Mesa, San Diego, Mira Mesa and the last one in Escondido (which in Spanish means hidden). The Grand Avenue was packed with thousands of people, but only few attended our concert. The rest was more interested in the faire’s other attractions.

Ok, so the attendance wasn’t great, but at least the youngest generation seems to be very interested in the CMB act :-).


CMB played their best for almost one full hour.  We’ve mixed up the history of rock selection with four of our own songs.

But then the bad recording curse, which keeps on following us, this time was even worse. We went there well prepared to get a good recording of our compositions. Just to make sure, we brought a Zoom video camera, a Fuji photo camera and a laptop with a small portable mixer and our best microphone.

Well, everything failed… 🙂 On the way to the show, we had bought new batteries. We couldn’t believe that a cheaper brand can be so bad. These batteries got discharged after a few minutes. We only were able to record the first two songs. Then somebody rushed out to buy new batteries, couldn’t find a store nearby, finally returned after half an hour – and only the last of our songs (CMB March) got recorded on video.

And then the sound… After setting up the mic, the little mixer and the laptop, then started the Audacity recording software, but forgot to press the tiny small button which activates the phantom power for the microphone. Only some hiss got recorded…

So here are the few videos we recorded with the Zoom video camera, which is not too bad with the sound after all, as long as we provide good quality batteries.

Vikings – cute kids were enjoying this 🙂

Walk Don’t Run (Ventures) – the younger audience was very receptive to this old piece 🙂
Then the following song – a well done rendition of Talking’boutYou, ends up abruptly (batteries).

CMB March (from the upcoming album Treasure Underground)

And finally Du Riechst, a proper song to end the show:

Anyway, CMB played very well, and several nice people from the audience came at the end to express their gratitude for watching a good show. Thanks, friends!

Despite of the recording failures, all the shows we’ve played this summer helped us get more stage experience and, most important, to test some of our songs with the audience. Now we’ll concentrate on finishing the delayed album, hopefully by the end of December. Not much time left…


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