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Posted: March 23, 2016 by MedievalUser in General Info


This year started quite well for our band. After an unexpected viral on Facebook, we got several beautiful articles written about us. We’d like to share with our friends some of the most relevant material.



    “A spectacular group of tweens called Children Medieval Band … although CMB probably don’t think of themselves as a punk band, they are a wondrous example of punk: They use very, very simple musical forms, played with invention, animal instinct, precision and creativity to make compelling and energetic music.”

    “Some of the newer live clips also feature original compositions, which combine the bartop-thumping precision and power of their covers with a Swans-esque lurch and an almost early R.E.M.-ish vulnerability. Virtually every clip of Children’s Medieval Band is a joy and a revelation…”

    “A band can be simple, tight and artistically explosive (like Children Medieval Band), but can also use their spontaneity and portability to say something powerful, meaningful, controversial, comforting, inspiring, inciting, empathetic and instructive.”

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    “Step aside Mozart: the 2016 version of musical child geniuses are here.
    And they’re the coolest ones you’ve ever seen.”

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    “In addition to their Rammstein covers and a slew of Medieval pieces, they’ve released an album of post-punk-tinged originals called Treasure Underground, as well as a slew of covers, running the gamut from The Beatles and Kraftwerk to The White Stripes and The Stranglers.”

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    “The footage dates back to 2012 … but it has exploded again after Stones Throw label boss Peanut Butter Wolf posted it to Facebook late last week with the comment, “Wish they headlined Coachella.” Jack White’s Third Man Records has also jumped on board endorsing the band and claiming that they sound “better then 90% of music out there today.””According to the band’s Facebook bio, they aim to “play and spread ‘good’ rock music as opposed to evil and frivolous rock” and “promote the early medieval fairy tale music”. They also hate mosquitoes.”

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by Juana Lince (Spain) on Jan. 12th

    Treasure Underground’ has ten songs about hope, ice cream and stories of their life

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Magda Słomka (Poland)

    Those little kids know what a good metal. Listen truly chilling performance piece “Sonne”!

    “Children Medieval Band, so called because the children’s band, won the hearts of Internet users around the world. This film attracted the Rammstein musicians themselves. They liked them so much that they invited the young artists to play … as their support!
    The meeting took place, and the Children Medieval Band appeared before the Germans at a concert in Denver, Colorado.”

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by FRÉDÉRIC GUINDON (France) Thursday, January 7

    A rock band composed of 3 children ignites the web

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