Criticism of Criticism

Posted: June 19, 2012 by medievaluser in General Info

UPDATE: this has been written more than 3 years ago. At that time we were more sensitive to unfair criticism, but now we don’t care. So we’ve been thinking to remove this article, but for now, we leave it as it is, it actually has some interesting points.

Amazingly enough, the Children Medieval Band has quickly become quite controversial. A lot of people love it (here is a selection of the friendly comments), but some hate it. Probably it’s better not to expose the kids to a conflictual situation, so maybe we should close the comments from youtube and our site. Only less than 5% of comments are nasty and hateful, but a little poison is enough to sadden the kids and we don’t want that. And also we don’t want the kids to be discouraged by uninspired, unfair, nasty or plain stupid comments.

By the way, recently, Stefan and his dad were looking at some videos on youtube. At one point Stefan noticed that a new comment has arrived on our site. He clicked it open and saw this: ‘the boy sucks’…
Can anyone measure the traumatic effect on a sensitive mind? A young boy, 11, intelligent, hard working and attracted to learn more about music, gets stabbed by any idiot! It’s not fair… The good thing is that Stefan is aware of his potential and not so weak to let any stupidity hurt him. We also received much more friendly comments and for that we are grateful.

Anyway, we feel that it’s right to answer the adverse opinions here, not just to convince the haters – that might be an impossible task – but, for people of good will, to clarify a few issues raised, which on a first glimpse may seem to be valid.

But before answering the adverse opinions, let us quickly evaluate CMB after two years of activity. This kids band may look as a joke to some, but in fact – even if it started more like a game, then it continued as an educational project – the results are beyond expectations. There are several unique features about this little band:

The enumeration above may look as a lack of modesty, but these are facts – not opinions, and omitting them would be unfair for the kids, after all their efforts.

Anyway, here is what some have to say about our activity:

a) Parents are forcing these kids.
This has been answered on youtube already, but I’ll repeat it here: No! the kids are not being pushed or forced to play. While we consider that music should be part of their education, the priority is that they should enjoy their childhood. That is why they practice less than 1 hr daily. They are also home-schooled and have a lot of time to study what, when and how they want it. And also freedom to play. The results have been way beyond expectations.
And here is Olga’s response to one of these kind of concerned comments (she has an early ability of fighting back with words):
“Hey, I’m Olga and I just wanted to say that nobody forced us.
I had to stop playing in order to answer your accusations.
Stop posting comments like this. You don’t know us, our family, our thoughts. Bye.”

b) Rammstein music is not for little kids.
Well, the CMB kids play also medieval music, carols, Beatles. From the present time they felt more attracted to a few songs composed by R+ masters.
Rammstein has strong music, dramatic, powerful, emotional… The melodies are of best quality and inspiration. They made the best fusion of baroque elements and romantic German Lied into heavy and tense material. This is definitely something to learn from. Some kids like it a lot, and it’s nothing wrong with that. The only problem is to keep them away from some videos, especially from concerts. Yes, its’ about Pussy and Buch Dich. Kids shouldn’t watch that.
But that doesn’t mean that all R+ music is not for kids. Let the kids have some decision power about it. The keyword here is selective.

It’s funny, but communist educators used to say when I was a child: ‘Beatles is not music, those are capitalist hooligans who cannot sing but only scream, and won’t cut their hair!’ Well, as a kid, I knew better.

But it’s understandable, many parents don’t want their children be exposed to R+ music – very well. Hopefully they also make sure to not expose the kids to:
– shake butt dance music
– gangsta rap
– video games with blood and killing
– internet, porn abundant
– TV cartoons, violent and agitated
– school history books, full of lies and omissions
– and maybe not even karate training, with all that screaming and hitting.

Anyway, our project is to have the children learn music by playing what is good and also likeable to them. And this includes selections from: medieval music, baroque, and some rock, from Beatles to Rammstein.

c) These kids are mediocre, or even bad players.
Why so much fuss about this kids band? big deal, they don’t even know how to play.
In a way, it might be a bit of truth here. Compared to other prodigy kids, the Children Medieval Band are not virtuosos. They don’t even try. They have obvious natural talent – as reported by their previous tutors – and should they have been pushed and forced, surely will have become virtuosos. But we don’t need that.

All we care for them is to know music and learn to be creative. And they already excelled at that. Their rendition of Sonne, so original with the unexpected ending and the overall great interpretation, proves it completely, beyond any doubt.

Rammstein musicians were quite impressed by it!
Their thumb up is all it matters.
Any adverse opinion can be disregarded.

d) …their live performance in Denver Coliseum means nothing.
It might be a crazy world, but this unique appearance of a kids band in front of 10,000 people, opening for R+ concert, is something which never happened before. We consider it as an historical event. And it went well alright, the audience was very pleased.

One might have expected some frivolous, parody-like performance from a 5-10 year old kids band trying to simulate a super heavy metal show. But on the contrary, these kids played very decently, with controlled passion, powerful enough for their age but without going overboard, and all their stage act was a beautiful and quite miraculous moment.
Unfortunately nobody was prepared to record this great performance properly. The only existing video recordings are of very poor quality, both in sound and picture.

But even on these recordings the good spirit of that evening is present. However some people cannot sense it. They even try to ridicule the Rammstein team for allowing this to happen: ‘what is that, kindergarten music? it sucks’.
Fortunately, the audience in Denver had more common sense and didn’t react this way. They were pleased to see the kids live and enjoyed their show. Thanks, american Rammstein fans from Colorado, You are great!

If Rammstein liked the CMB videos and decided that they should encourage the kids by offering them a chance to play live, their real fans should respect that and try to understand. But most likely the bashers of this event are not real R+ music lovers.

Comments which are inappropriate, misguided

Kids are cool! 😀 The song’s about LCFR (swastika represents the Sun and the Light, an Illumination, a? life).

Thanks, but not that ‘cool’. We prefer Goodness instead of ‘Illumination’.


Rammstein sind Nazis allein schon dieses? Lied “Sonne”. Sonne soll das Hakenkreuz darstellen, denn das Hakenkreuz symbolisiert eine Sonne.
(Rammstein are Nazis if only the song “Sun”. Sun is supposed to represent the swastika, because the swastika symbolizes the sun.)

According to this kind of logic, RAmmstein are obviously Egyptians (!?) 🙂 – in the old Egypt the sun is Ra, so RA(mmstein) playing Sonne must relate somehow to that…


when i was watching the video i had to laugh the whole time 😀 but i don’t think that you can call it music… i would call it comedy, but if you don’t want the people to laugh about you will have to stop doing music!!!!

‘stop doing music’ is stupid advice. Instead here is some useful info: exaggerated laugh might be a case of pathological PBA (Pseudo Bulbar Affect – a neurological disorder exhibiting uncontrollable episodes of laughing, crying or both that are either exaggerated or contradictory to the context in which they occur).

Nastier comments

  • Wize M. has made a comment on Du Riechst So Gut (cover):
    disgusting that children would play a song like this the parents should be arrested

Boy, one can write a whole book as a reply to this short and miserable comment.
Stalinist mentality is obvious here. This kind of bolshevik terrorists have no taste, no knowledge about good music, don’t read the description of this song in particular, but rush to arrest the parents, in this case. I’ve been there and I know.
One of the traits of communist enforcers, besides bad taste and low esthetic values, is laziness. They won’t bother to read much, won’t try to understand something like the talent or the effort of a superior mind – but instead they are very eager at instigating, arresting, torturing and ultimately killing those they don’t understand or like. Can’t have any sympathy for this type of humanoids.
No offense intended, but this un-‘wize’ dude fits the profile of a lowly policeman in some North Korea’s village.

  • this planet is f*cking sick

“Barking at the wrong tree”. Somehow a correct diagnostic, but searching in the wrong spot. This kind of ‘doctor’ would kill a healthy patient and in the same time would find nothing wrong with a very ill person. Hope this guy is not a dentist; he would extract the good teeth, out of an infected mouth.

  • that was horrible playing and singing. WTF!? You people gotta be kidding me? These kids suck bad! I would not pay to see that at a rammstein concert!

The high class R+ musicians thought the opposite. Somebody must be wrong here.

  • Scares me how they look up at the end

Don’t be scared, they are only kids, acting well.

  • Uh that’s really nice 🙂 Could you let them sing “Ich tu dir weh” next?

Don’t try to be smart. If they’d like it enough, they’ll play it – changing the words – without asking permission. We raise them as free people with decency.

  • i think they get whipped if they play false

Don’t think too much, better read before posting. And if you are one of the trolls who visit us more frequently lately, I think you’ll be whipped if you write a more decent comment.

  • This is hilarious

It’s nothing hilarious about good kids learning music from the masters.

  • wtf

Three kids worked hard for several weeks to learn an interesting but difficult song. Then a lazy grownup comes and quickly spits up a few letters over their effort… Worthless comment – erased.

  • If Rammstein is the porn of music, then what is this?

Let’s turn the question around the ‘if’ switch:
If Rammstein is one of the best bands in the rock history, then what are you?

  • This is child abuse.

Some people use the internet as a garbage can or toilet, just for them to write anything without reading or thinking much. This person probably saw the beginning of ‘Sonne’ cover and quickly got some ‘idea’. Didn’t bother to watch the joyous rendition of ‘From Me To You’ or the show in Denver or videos from the Renaissance Fair. Or to read about our ‘happy childhood’ principles of education on the site…
This kind of ‘abuse’ would have made this person more intelligent.

  • …this is horrible … they don’t know how to play the violins

This was regarding the song ‘Nota’. One of the most irritating thing on the web is that people who have not much knowledge, insist on posting opinions about stuff which they don’t know. This person missed the point: the kids are not prodigies, they don’t even attempt to become good violin players; the point is THEY PLAY THE RIGHT KIND OF MUSIC and already have better taste than most adults. And in time maybe they will choose an instrument or another and continue improving on it. Anyway, a while ago, Stefan won a contest for the 1st violin seat in the Colorado Children Orchestra, so he’s not that bad. But for now he’s more interested to get better on guitar. Olga can play keyboard, violin and recorder, but for now seems to be more interested to practice on drums (even if that seat is already taken:)
And yes, these are cheap violins, but too many don’t know that during 1200’s musicians didn’t have violins (they were build after 1600’s) but rebecs. The music was composed for rebecs and there is a certain charm about that sound – modest, humble and still beautiful.

  • …the words are all wrong, wtf, you’re retarded… and the little bitch… etc

This hip-hop fan, using the nickname of a great heavy R+ guitarist, comes to our site to spit on it. What a lame strategy. Is this a nasty idiot or just a 5 yo who learned how to write? because our 6 yo drummer is obviously more intelligent and more creative.
Anyway, we’re too busy and have no time to read stupid insults. Aus!

  • These videos rape everything that is called MUSIC!!!

And then I waste time in a useless dialog:
cartemarte1 – Very few people have any idea about what music really is. You obviously don’t. And your problem is: trying to be radical without knowing much.
commentator – Oh! your’e so dramatic. You don’t really know what your’e talking about. Secondly I have my rights to NOT like this kinda crap.
cartemarte1 – “You don’t really know what your’e talking about” – That’s the problem:
you thinking that you know and I don’t. Actually the
reverse is true, at least because I’m much older and have more experience.
Occasionally I’ve met people who believe they have exact knowledge,
and they always do bad things. Some realize it later but then it’s too late,
damage cannot be fixed.
commentator – … you don’t need
experience to separate the music from crap. By the way, how could you know if I had
played guitar, bass and drums for over 30 years already… Shame on you!
cartemarte1 – I did it for 45 years. But I won’t say ‘shame on you’, the experience made me a little wiser. In my opinion, looking at your profile, your music is crap and you are an idiot – that’s an opinion, but I won’t come to your site to express my opinion. Because there are 3 principles to follow:
1. there is already too much negativity in this world, try not to add to it.
2. fight only against those who are attacking you
3. have some doubt. People who never doubt, in this uncertain world, are dangerous and stupid.

This discussion ends here.


The Worstkb-show

Two males – brothers, cousins or whatever they claim they are – have decided to earn a few bucks online by making fun of the kids’ performance in a dirty manner, through a nasty video posted on youtube. These two, unable to learn or produce anything of value, showing a lower intelligence level than a 5 year old drummer girl, shamelessly masturbate themselves online, trying to induce a cheap gratification through a strained and grotesque comedy act. Don’t want to insult anybody, but ‘stupid cowards’ is the correct evaluation here.

Their action is quite similar to a situation where some kids, while playing on a beach, build a more elaborate sand castle. Then a group of adults come and start spitting, urinating and defecating on the kids’ work. Are these kind of adults sane people? Probably not.

In a normal world this kind of aggravated child abuse would get punished in a court of law. Juridically the facts are:
a) a group of children are learning about music and history. They play a cover of one of the most interesting compositions of modern music. Their performance is strong, decent and restrained. Most adults appreciate their effort and reward them with a warm reception.
b) another group of adults deface samples of the kids recording, mock their work and insult their intelligence, by creating and publicizing a mocking video.
c) the kids find the mocking video exposed publicly, get traumatized by seeing it and as a result lose confidence in most adults, lose interest in furthering their music education, get a deformed perception of the world and ultimately lose any trust in the system and authorities.

The verdict: the ‘k brothers’ and their accomplices should be punished for insulting and traumatizing a group of creative children. Paying the kids’ way through college would be an appropriate punishment.


We post this article here in order to defend – not the children talent – but their good choice, good taste, the parents’ efforts for a better, alternative education, and ultimately, to defend the truth.

And it wouldn’t be fair not to post a selection of the much more numerous friendly comments we have received:

Stefan: “We’ll never make it to Hollywood. It’s too far…”
Cornelia: “That’s not fair, we’ve been working so hard…”
Olga: “I don’t care, Hollywood is boring.”

  1. Sonny says:

    I’d just like to say thank you Children Medieval Band for your inspirational music making. Keep it up and enjoy! I think I’d rather pay money to hear your versions than the originals. Brilliant!

  2. Eisenfunk says:

    Als deutscher Rammstein-Anhänger kann ich die Eltern für diese wundervollen, herzlichen Kinder beglückwünschen! Ein toller Auftritt. Lasst euch nicht von Neidern beeinflussen. Geht weiter euren Weg, denn ihr seid talentiert.

  3. Eric Loebel says:

    I say screw the haters. These kids were brave enough to share their passion with the world, and an internationally known band invited them to share the stage. How many cover artists are there of bands like Metallica, Korn, etc, and have never received the same kind of recognition? These kids are freaking awesome!

  4. Noe says:

    Fantastic picture to end this post with I must say! I noticed the cross and small icon in several videos and that you homeschool with the children – as you noted, many people think the children are being ‘forced’ to play, and that you are ideologically driven to make them perform; homeschooling as I know it is the opposite frame of mind, such education is led often by the children’s natural curiosity and capacity for concentration – that is what I see in the videos, now knowing that you homeschool (a wise decision if you are in the US…). And many people who level such criticisms simply consume “music” and culture and don’t “chew” on it as you’re raising your children to do – and are uncritical about the things they take into their own ears, mouths and hearts. I support you raising your children to play, even if they do not all stick with it (hard to imagine some of them wouldn’t, after playing for a huge audience based on a few videos!), I support your educating of them and encouraging them in all things and that they do so as a family.

  5. Lee Moulder says:

    Brilliant effort and well done CMB. I wish I was as patient as you guys to learn to play. Keep up the good work and don’t give credence to the haters

  6. Rafizan says:

    Hi. My name is Rafizan from Malaysia. Unfortunately, I just found out about this Children Medieval Band. It was an accident really. I was looking through youtube for some music and I saw these three kids with title “Du Reicht So Gut cover”. It intrigued me so I clicked. The rest like they say, was history. I love Rammstein though wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan and Stefan, Olga plus Cornelia played so well! Bravo! Oh and congratulations on the May 20th 2012 gig as an opening act for Rammstein. The crowd went nuts on you guys! Hopefully the same reception with the recent February performance in Ventura, California. Wanna buy the CD just to show support but since it is USA only, guess I have to forget about it. Well enough with my babbling. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    God bless, Rafizan.

    • alpsteacher says:

      Thank you very much, Rafizan! Hopefully sometimes in the future, probably in about 1 year from now, we’ll complete a cd with our best covers and a couple of compositions. You will be the first to receive one free. God bless!

      • Rafizan says:

        Hey thanks for the reply. That is great news. Well good luck with the CD. Just watched the Ich Will cover. Love the vocalization (is that correct?) from Olga and Cornelia.

        God bless, Rafizan.

  7. Slunk says:

    These kids are amazing! I just recently came across them and am blown away by how well they perform the songs. I’ve been playing guitar and drums for about 10 years now and I know how much practice and dedication it takes. You guys are doing AMAZING for your age. And I love the decision to do Rammstein songs in English. Keep it up guys! You earned a lifelong fan!

    One question though – What country are you guys from? I would assume not USA because they don’t have traditional American names but the youtube channel is from the United States.

  8. Kevin Connolly says:

    All I can say about the negative comments is that for all the videos out there of people covering their music, Rammstein chose them to open for them. After becoming a headline act, I don’t think Rammstein has ever had an opening act. They performed incredibly! Let’s see them get up in front of 10,000 screaming fans and see if they keep their composure. What an incredible experience that must have been for them! Doesn’t matter if they play it perfectly, what matters is their love of the music and in performing. They’re only kids, they will get better with practice. Can’t stand spiteful people. It takes absolutely nothing to sit back and criticize. Those kids show far more courage and spirit than those trolls will ever know. Wish you and them all the best!

  9. W.S. says:

    I love these kids. I really like their version of The Beatles, There’s a place, and their Hendrix cover of Purple Haze is better than dozens of bands I have seen through the years . but i really like their version of 7Nation Army. They are great players already. As for the bad comments, don’t even worry about them, lots of bad people out there these days, just avoid them and their negativity. Like a lot of things today,just avoid. Thanks kids

  10. Mr Ben Attwood. says:

    You kids are an inspiration to many people, which is a big thing to deal with. You guys have talent that even I am jealous of (and I don’t really get jealous a lot), and in life you do deal with people who are jealous of you, and mock you for your talent. Just keep performing, they’ll get tired eventually, and you won’t have to worry about the haters. You guys are great kids and I personally wish you all the best,
    Live long and prosper -VULCAN SIGN-

  11. lofticries says:

    Please don’t ever allow these feeble criticisms to deter you! Just remember while you are putting in actual effort to learn and cover these songs, your detractors are simply sitting around doing nothing of substance and using what few words they know to attack – likely out of comparative jealousy that these children have already achieved more then they ever will. I would imagine many, many more people appreciate and support your group then don’t. Best of luck and continued success!

  12. wilson says:

    hola un saludo los felicito desde sur america bogota colombia un gran abrazo y no permitan que las malas mentes los distraigan sigan siendo una inspiracion yo los escucho y son fenomenales y los encontre en you tube y ahora son unas de mis bandas como rammstein y metallica sigan con toda y sean los mejores exitos

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