Our first Single

Posted: March 21, 2015 by MedievalUser in Albums

Available at this site: http://www.nimbitmusic.com/childrenmedievalband



We’ve been struggling with this album for almost one year already. The outline of the songs was completed sometimes in April 2014. At that time we had ten compositions finished and ready to be recorded. And then the suffering began…

We simply never thought that the recording and mixing can be such a pain. Reasons for this recording blockage are numerous, but the most important is that we try to do something different and it’s extremely difficult to get the right sound, especially when our instruments are on the inexpensive side. Anyway, without going into much detail, here we are, one year later, still wondering if this album will ever be done properly. But we must do it, and soon. Even if it won’t be as we wanted it, this project has to be finished

Meanwhile we decided that two of the songs don’t sound too bad. So we release them as a single, for now. The rest will follow.

The two songs are “Treasure Underground” and “Crashed Van”. Available at this site: loudr.com
and Amazon

The songs have good musical ideas and great lyrics. We believe that we did something good. Just hoping that not very few will understand.


Searching for inspiration in the San Diego bay…

some wordpress ad may follow

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