Posted: October 21, 2016 by MedievalUser in General Info

Talking about our band’s name and future…

When we started about 5 years ago, we didn’t plan it as a long term project. Now that I am getting older (14) and my sisters are 13 and 10, our name – Children Medieval Band – is not such a good fit any longer. We have reached an impasse.

Several suggestions came from our friends, new names as: ChillDread Medieval Banned, Childless MB, etc. We also thought about different names ourselves.
But we are not ready yet.

1. It seems to be impossible to find an interesting name today. In 60 years, tens of thousands of rock bands used all the English vocabulary.
2. If we change the name, that means we will need a new web site and a new facebook account. All our fans on fb (more than 15,000) will be lost!
3. Also we would have to break away from all our previous efforts, videos of covers and compositions, all made and posted under the CMB name.
4. We got too used with our CMB name, we even wrote a song (‘CMB march’ on the Treasure Underground album).


So what is to be done?

Still undecided…


Meanwhile we started working slowly but surely towards our new album. During the past several months we have made a few new songs, still in a rough stage. We expect it to be released sometime next year, hopefully before June (when we’ll probably move to New-York).

some wordpress ad may follow….



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