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Posted: July 24, 2016 by medievaluser in Rock Concerts

This is about our three live shows we performed this summer.
Only the first concert had a better overall sound. It’s because we used our own voices amp and the instruments were not rewired to a large PA. This gave us a more familiar sound, as we got used to in our practice room. Probably most indie bands experienced the same situation: an unfamiliar stage sound.
The sound engineers in both SD and OC Fair were very skillful and tried their best, but they couldn’t know exactly the sound we are familiar with, and we also didn’t know how to explain it better (louder guitar, a little fatter, less distortion, etc, etc)

1. Bonita School

On June 4th we performed our first concert this year…
It happened at the Daly School in Bonita, California.
A tasty marathon of 15 songs. A careful “history of rock” selection, based on our principle: avoid frivolous and evil stuff.
Trying to influence – here and there – the music appreciation of our generation.

It’s a strange performance, in front of (almost) zero audience. But we had in mind our numerous 🙂 friends around the world and played for them.

Here is the songs list, it contains several new covers:

Early rock ’50s
1. Surfer (Ventures) – 0:00
2. Walk-don’t-Run (Ventures) – 1:40
Beat period
3. You Really Got Me (Kinks) – 3:27
4. Money (Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford) – 5:47
5. All I gotta do (Beatles) – 8:02
6. Word (Beatles) – 9:57
7. Day Tripper (Beatles) – 12:13
8. All along the Watchtower (Hendrix, Dylan) – 14:30
9. Double Vision (Foreigner) – 18:10
10. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes) – 21:13
11. Sonne (Rammstein) – 23:43
12. CMB March (CMB) – 27:55
13. End of Road (CMB) – 30:10
A couple of our new remakes:
14. Route 66 (Bobby Troup) – 33:07
15. Train kept a rollin (Yardbirds) – 35:23

The full Bonita concert can be viewed here:



2. San Diego Fair

Then, a week later, on June 11th, we played at the San Diego Fair. Same repertoire. Another impressive marathon of 15 songs. Not a great recording though.


We’d like to thank the few friends who came to see us. Among them, two of Cornelia’s teachers, with their kids. Also Matthew ‘Neu’ Burgher – talented artist and musician. We felt honored.


3. OC Fair

And last, our third show this summer, July 23rd, in Costa Mesa (south of Los Angeles).
One of the better parts (Sonne):

And the rest of the show:

Now we’ll take a vacation for the rest of this summer.
Thanks for reading and watching!


a wordpress add may follow…





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