Battle of the Bands in San Diego

Posted: September 27, 2013 by MedievalUser in Rock Concerts


The Hardships of Non-Mainstream Bands

On Oct. 4, Children Medieval Band played six of their covers at the Queen Bee’s Art Center in San Diego, California. There were seven other bands that night there, ready to show their creativity. We had nice discussions with several members of other bands (Viscous is one) and all were very friendly. It did not look like a “battle” was going to take place.

In fact we didn’t go there to win. We understand that there are other, more experienced musicians, who spent years learning and struggling to develop their own style and compositions, and they deserve recognition for their efforts. We are very young and have the advantage of more time ahead (hopefully). So we wished good luck to other bands.

All we want is to be on stage from time to time, and to prove that younger kids can like and play a different music, opposed to the suffocating mainstream. To make a difference – which is quite needed.

We also realized once again that chances for an independent musician to succeed and make a living are close to zero. Our kids band performed very well on stage several times, made a bunch of interesting videos, received a lot of encouragement from a lot of people. It seems that we have many friends and even a few hardcore fans in different parts of the world.
However we had a hard time trying to sell a few tickets for our shows. On the Epicentre show, we sold 5 (five) tickets, and only through an aggressive advertising effort. At the ‘battle of the bands’ the situation was even worse: we didn’t sell any tickets at all…
These clubs invited us to play on the assumption that we can bring audience, considering the large numbers of the views on our youtube videos. But we failed. The truth is we cannot attract much audience to our shows. Probably because of the young age. It might get difficult for us to play live on a stage again…
Anyway, at this show we still could hear plenty of applauding and whistling – probably a few of our friends came at the last minute. Thank you, friends!

We can only respect the non-mainstream bands. They spend years working hard and improving their alternative style, in spite of the general indifference. We salute their artistic heroism.

CMB played very well six songs:
– Vikings (by Jeff Van Dyck)
– There’s a place (by Beatles)
– Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)
– The Old Man (by Rammstein)
– Morning Light (by Rammstein)
– Du Riechst So Gut (Rammstein)

We post a couple of videos (all playlist is here). As usual, our live recordings are not great. This time the stage lights above were too strong and the kids faces are washed out with too much light.

There’s a Place:

Du Riechst

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