Rosenrot at the amazing Tournament of Phoenix

Posted: October 20, 2015 by MedievalUser in General Info, Medieval Faires

Our First Album is OUT!
Treasure Underground – Song by Song All Our Videos and Art Fischmann…

Children Medieval Band has an unusual flexibility… For two days, Oct.17 & 18th, we’ve performed 5 shows (medieval music) at the Tournament of Phoenix in Poway, California.

After releasing an interesting new-rock album, and after this summer’s three shows, where we’ve played a mixture of rock history and some of our compositions – now we plunged into the middle of a fierce chivalry heavy competition and played 10 medieval songs on acoustic instruments. On top of that we came up with an acoustic version of the great R+ song Rosenrot.

The “Tournament of Phoenix” is unusual in itself. A classy and powerful event. And as the local newspapers in Poway put it: it’s not for the fainthearted.
Jousting is a dangerous sport and at this tournament we have witnessed tough collisions and even real accidents. Horses were ok but some of the armoured knights suffered broken bones, fell down from horses and got hit pretty bad
with lances. A bit scary but there is an incontestable beauty of the Medieval World which came back to life during this well organized event.

We felt pride to be invited to play at this fabulous faire, presented as the “amazing Children Medieval Band”. We tried to make it up to the expectations and felt that we’ve succeeded.

A few highlights:

  • Mohrentanz (by T. Susato – 1580)
  • Ecco la Primavera (by F. Landini (1380)
  • MonAmy (T. Susato)

  • And last, our cover of Rosenrot – composed by a “band of minstrels from the kingdom of Germany” – Rammstein.

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  1. […] Rosenrot at the amazing Tournament of Phoenix […]

  2. […] Rosenrot at the amazing Tournament of Phoenix […]

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