Medieval Faire – Escondido

Posted: November 5, 2012 by medievaluser in Medieval Faires

The Renaissance Fair of Escondido

Playing Entrada
Playing at “Royal Court”
Playing Rammstein cover
Playing with a pirate…
On Oct. 27-28 and also Nov. 3-4, 2012, Children Medieval Band played their Medieval Music repertoire at the Renaissance Fair in Escondido, California. Besides the medieval songs the kids played also an interesting unplugged acoustic rendition of “Ich Will’ by Rammstein.

It was a crowded fair with many entertainers so the kids got only a secondary spot, not a real stage. But still a good opportunity for them to play in front of people and promote their music. The ‘Royal Court’ was impressed by the kids performance and for the next Fair (April 2013) they were promised a large stage.

At this fair, CMB displayed their CD, containing seven medieval songs. We’d like to thank the unknown young lady who bought 10 disks: please contact us with a comment on this site, we’d like to send you some extra free cds for your friends. Thank you!

A Tielman Susato song called ‘MohrenTanz’. We call it ‘Entrada’. We added a more medieval part to it.

A Holborne pavane played in front of the Escondido Fair Queen and Royal Court

An interesting unplugged acoustic rendition of “Ich Will’ by Rammstein (“a band of minstrels from the german kingdom”).


  • Learning how to hold a sword and scream
    And then they met with Mr. Mac the Pirate. He was performing his pirate songs at the Escondido Fair. A friendly singer with a good voice and several nice compositions. They had a great time together.

    At the end a voice in the background: “…tell them to be lawyers when they grow up”. Cute. This was the guitar player from The Dread Crew of Oddwood. It’s hard to make a living as a musician…

    The hand written score of Volta (click to enlarge)

    The hand written score of Volta (click to enlarge)

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