My Parallel Universe

Posted: November 28, 2018 by MedievalUser in General Info

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Welcome back underground. It’s me, Cornelia. Thought I’d fill you in on a few things.

We are working on a new album; a small one, an EP with four songs. Though it is a small album, we believe it will be a great one  – if not, then something’s wrong with the world, I guess.

The album is called My Parallel Universe, hence the title.  We already have the main parts of the songs, and are struggling to complete the rest. We have good thoughts about it, however, and hope to release our EP by May 2019.

Some lyrics from the new album:

You know,
all the worlds are not the same
When we die…
So when parallels
will collide,
Then illusions
be fulfilled
– Awesome creed –
and good will
Save my universe



And here is one of my latest drawings:


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more articles.




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