Our Album

This is about our first album “Treasure Underground” released in April 2015.
The new album (“New Target”) will be released in September this year (2017).

“Inventive, pure, audacious, and refreshing. These kids have made a genuine effort to find their own voice and as a result ten emotionally rich songs have been created. I cannot wait to hear their upcoming releases.”
by Oscar (Amazon) on January 8, 2016


Huzzah! Finally, our album is done.

In a few days we’ll celebrate 4 years since CMB has formed and we thought it’s a good time to release our own compositions.

It’s been a very long and difficult journey, struggling with the recording and mixing, but we think it contains good taste musical ideas and great lyrics.

The songs are available at Nimbit-Music (and also we’ve made a simple trailer on youtube).

The truth is we are not so crazy about the quality of the sound. It’s under the standard of a professional album, and we simply consider it as “100% homemade”. But still, we are confident this is a good thing and we hope you will appreciate the efforts put into this.
We expect some criticism, but we are aware of all issues, and have already rated ourselves, on a scale of 1-10:

  • Recording – 2 (due to low budget equipment)
  • Mixing – 4 (inexperience)
  • Mastering – 5 (except three songs done by others: Mark Aviles and ADG Mastering)
  • Performance – 7
  • Lyrics – 9 (all of us worked really hard and contributed in different ways – other details to follow)
  • Originality & non-conventional – 10
  • Avoidance of FE (frivolous-evil) – 10

More details about each song are available here…

Since we like to exaggerate a bit :), we dare to say that this is probably one of the most original albums ever made by a kids’ band.
Also available at Loudr.com, Amazon and maybe iTunes.

“This is better than most records put out by adults. It’s creative, inventive and sounds solid. I would’ve killed to put out a record this good when i was 13. These kids have got something special Can’t wait to see where these kids are in 10 years.” by Jonathan Webb (Amazon) on January 8, 2016

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