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Posted: December 1, 2019 by MedievalUser in General Info

Lately we’ve been busier than usual with various issues like: school, sports, etc. We’ll add more details in a next article.

For now a couple of paintings made by Olga and Cornelia:


And here is an interview which was supposed to be aired on ITNS radio and it never did. A booking agent promised us promotion, gigs, etc, got a bit of money from us and disappeared.

Here is the interview on paper:

Tell us about yourself and your music (stage name, music background, etc.):

We are CMB, formerly Children Medieval Band, currently Crossland Medieval Band. We started playing very early, 8 year ago, at that time the age of the members were from 5-9, and it should be noted that we were the only children band playing medieval music in the whole world (!). We then transitioned more into rock, while studying the history of rock we made sure to avoid the frivolous and evil elements. We have 2 albums and an EP already released.

What are some projects you have accomplished or are currently working on at the moment?
We have already finished 3 albums, the most recent one – “Abyss” – was released this year (2019). Trying to combine medieval style music, and heavy, tense rock.

When and where was your first public performance?
Technically our first public performance was the most unusual, we played in front of 10,000 people while opening for Rammstein! This was in Denver, Colorado in 2012, at that time all the band members were under the age of 10. They invited us because of a couple covers we posted on YouTube, which became viral.

How would you describe your style of music?
Combination of medieval style music, and heavy, tense rock.

Who are you’re a few of your musical and/or songwriting influences?
Beatles, Cream, Stranglers, Rammstein.

What made you decide to start writing and playing music?
We’ve always been into music from a very early age, and at some point we decided we wanted to play rock covers as a band.

Tell us about your shows, the music is experience that is YOU:
Our band is very flexible, we participated at numerous medieval fairs in California, and we also played rock covers and competitions whenever we had the opportunity, we have a lot of videos of our live performances on YouTube. So we can mainly play three styles, medieval, classic rock, and industrial gothic music.

Where can people find and/or purchase your music?

Online:,, amazon and spotify.

Describe briefly some of the things that inspire your music and, if you write with others, tell us about some of the songwriters you have worked with and some of the songs you wrote together.

We get inspired by our favorite bands music, but a lot of times by news, movies, and personal experiences. There is a bit of protest in most of our songs.

Have you or do you plan to film any music videos? (Talk about a couple of them)
We already have tens of music videos on our YouTube channel, of our live performance, covers, or composition. We only have a couple more elaborate videos, where we took more time to edit and record.

Do you have any dream duet partners in mind? (Tell us one and talk a little about it)
Unfortunately there aren’t many bands that are very similar to our style.

Have you toured or do you ever plan to?

Because of our young age we haven’t had the chance to do it yet. We would like to.

What’s your outlook on the music industry today?
We don’t think very highly of the current music industry, a lot is either boring or irritating.

What’s your favorite thing about being on stage?
It’s quite stressful to be on stage, but if it sounds good and the audience is cheering – that’s our best experience.

What, in your opinion, are the biggest obstacles for songwriters, artists and bands today?
A big surplus of music, there’s so much today that it’s hard to get noticed, and also most musicians are bankrupt financially, you can’t really make money as a musician.

What are your plans this year/What are your plans for the rest of this year?
We’d like to play gigs more often, but, at least here is Maine, there are not many opportunities.


That’s about it. We’ll soon release a cover of a R+ new song. We’ll write some more at that time. Thanks for reading our posts!

And a little bonus for our friends. A quick recording with Stefan playing two Bach fragments and the Hendrix intro for the “Little Wing” song:




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  1. peralez2383 says:

    Sad to hear a shady person stole money…they are everywhere

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