A Short Interview

Posted: February 2, 2016 by MedievalUser in General Info

Our cover of Rammstein’s Sonne has been viral once in 2012 – on YouTube – and recently (2016), for a 2nd time, on Facebook. With this occasion, we have been interviewed by Juana Lince, a Spanish journalist that works for the magazine gonzoo.com

Here are our answers to her questions:

1. How are you receiving this increasing of attention?
-We’ve been surprised and we are glad that people are paying attention to us. However, this is the second time we become viral, but with the same song. So, we have mixed feelings about this facebook success. We would have liked to be viral rather with one of our compositions.

2. Why do you think the video went viral?
-Don’t know, it’s a mystery. I don’t think anybody knows for sure how this happens.

3. I also saw that you published an album last year in April, do you think that you will be more popular now?
-Hopefully, but we don’t have great expectations. For now, we had about 10 sales in two days. It’s not much if we consider the 10 millions viewers, and probably this will stop soon

4. Have you speak with the person who uploaded the video to facebook?
-We sent him a message that he should mention our band’s name (not just ‘kids playing Rammstein’), and he was very nice and did that.

5. How did you start as a band?
-In 2011, we started as a game between me and my two sisters.

6. What do you do in your spare time?
– We don’t practice a lot as a band – only about 1 hour every day. And, besides school & some chores, we also find time to play, watch movies. My sisters like to draw a lot. I play soccer (fotbal). Olga plays volleyball and Cornelia takes swimming lessons.

7. Where do you live?
-In San Diego, California. We are US citizens of Romanian nationality.


And here is a pic from our coming video “End-of-Road”:


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  1. Cathlyn Leguijt says:

    Nice interview! I’m looking forward to the “End-of-Road”video, it’s my favorite song on your album!

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