Two CMB Shows: Kids Playing Non-Mainstream Music

Posted: September 21, 2013 by MedievalUser in Rock Concerts

The Two Shows at MiraMesa and Epicentre – San Diego

September 21st, 2013 – a very interesting day for CMB. The kids performed two shows at two different locations, playing two different song lists. And surely two different kinds of audience:
– first, at lunch time, at the Mira Mesa Fair, a 45 minutes set (“Short history of Rock”) with songs from 50s to present.
– after that, later in the evening, at the Epicentre club, the second show: a Rammstein tribute concert.
They did a great job on both shows. A tiring but really successful day.

The kids proved once again their uncanny musical flexibility. Not to forget that one month ago they had played 12 medieval songs at the Big Bear Renaissance Fair (

Both shows have been designed according to the “stay away from the polluting mainstream” principle. Our repertoire reflects that.

The show at Mira Mesa Fair: the invitation to play here came late, after the Epicentre club arrangement. We couldn’t refuse this extra opportunity to be on a stage, as more useful experience for the kids. At noon, bet. 12-1 PM, they performed a strong set playing 12 songs from Ventures (Walk Don’t Run) to Rammstein (Du Riechst so Gut).

A few video clips from this show:

Some in the audience, a bit amused by the band members’ young age, were waiting curious, and some even ironic, to hear the first song. The somber ‘Vikings’ silenced them…

Vikings (by Jeff Van Dyck)

And then a joyous rendition of an early rock:

Talking ’bout you (by Chuck Berry)

The Epicentre show
Later, the same day, at 6:45 PM, Children Medieval Band played at Epicentre club a 30 minutes set. The kids performed 6 songs, all Rammstein covers. They were opening for several other bands: The Calefaction, Within Ourselves, Silent Vice, etc.

It was an interesting and intense show. The evening had been dedicated to screamo hard core bands, most of the audience was into heavy hardcore, however they enjoyed the CMB performance. A rare occasion indeed, to hear younger kids with a musical taste other than mainstream.

CMB performed with good intensity the following R+ songs:
1. Donaukinder
2. The Old Man
3. Sonne
4. Ich Will
5. Morgenstern – (first audition!)
6. Du Riechst So Gut

Unfortunately the videos are blurred because of the stage lights, our camera couldn’t keep the pace with the lights changes. We post the last two songs anyway.

A classy remake of Morgenstern (translated by us into Morning Light). This is an almost perfect live rendition of such a difficult piece. The kids worked hard and prepared this song as a premiere performance, a special moment for this particular show. Expecting a much larger audience, but, in spite of an aggressive advertisement, we only had 5 (five) friends present there (and we warmly thank them for coming!!). Thus the CMB kids learned that loneliness is undeniably a major part of our lives.


and finally a rampant Du Riechst So Gut. Stefan felt it to the end:


We’d like to thank the R+ fans from San Diego who came to the show in support for the CMB kids. Also to Kelly Brown who created the poster for this event.


And yet another video (Sonne) taken by someone else with a better camera (thank you!) and posted on youtube. Unfortunately, during this song, one of the guitar strings kept going out of tune, Stefan had to struggle with it all along. But he still managed a good vocal.

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  2. […] Upcoming Show at Epicentre – San Diego […]

  3. lofticries says:

    I’m on the East Coast, but am tempted to buy up those 40 tickets just to show support for your awesome band. If you’re in the San Diego area there’s no excuse -you really must see this amazing band. Check them out on youtube and you’ll instantly recognize their talent. Keep up the good work CMB- there’ll be some ups and downs, but stay strong. There’s a lot of people out there that really admire you. You rock!

  4. […] Upcoming Show at Epicentre – San Diego […]

  5. […] Two CMB Shows: Kids Playing Non-Mainstream Music […]

  6. […] Two CMB Shows: Kids Playing Non-Mainstream Music […]

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